Please add to this list as you think of documentaries that we would enjoy watching and/or which could be useful in your classroom.


I have compiled the following list of documentaries from suggestions given to me at different presentations on film literacy. Thank you for your suggestions. I know what I will be watching for the next few months! Feel free to continue to send more suggestions as you think of them and I will keep adding to this list.

1. Press for Truth

Jersey widows and 9/11 coverup
2. The Salesman

Door to door sales
3. We Shall Overcome

African-American struggles
4. Eyes on the Prize

Civil rights
5. The Imam and the Pastor

Conflict between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria
6. Liberty

American Revolution
7. This is What Democracy Looks Like

WTO protest in Seattle in 1999
8. Rivers and Tides

Artist, Andy Goldsworthy
9. Wordplay

Crossword puzzle lovers and contest
10. This Revolution will not be televised

Venezuela, Hugo Chavez an attempted coup
11. God of a Second Chance
Richard Wagner
Religion in the inner city.
12. The Life and Times of Harvey Milk

Assassination of SF gay politician
13. Celluloid Closet

LGBT Stereotypes in film history
14. Harlan County, USA

Women/Labor Movement
15. PBS Doc on Bayard Rustin

Gay civil rights leader who worked with MLK
16. Gray Gardens

17. Country Boys

Follows two rural boys from Kentucky
18. What the Bleep?

Self-perception/ quantum physics
19. Dr. Death
Errol Morris
Inventor of electric chair is Holocaust survivor
20. When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts
Spike Lee
Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
21. Mark Twain
Ken Burns

22. Thomas Jefferson
Ken Burns

23. The People We Know
Class in America
24. Jonestown

Mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana of People’s Temple sect
25. New York Series
Ken Burns
History of New York
26. Yo Soy Boricua a tu los Sepas (I’m Puerto Rican, don’t you know?)
Rosie Perez
Puerto Rican history & NY. Puerto Rican culture
27. The War
Ken Burns
28. Zimbardo Prison Study (Stanford Experiment)

Human behavior
29. The Longest Hatred

History of Anti-semitism
30. Partners of the Heart & Something the Lord Made

One NF, one fiction account of Vivien Thomas, civil right leader
31. You Can’t be Neutral on a Moving Train

Howard Zinn
32. The Devil’s Playground

Amish youth sowing their wild oats
33. The Eye of the Storm

Brown eye/blue eye experiments & prejudice
34. Can Mr. Smith get to Washington anymore?

Political campaign of Jeff Smith
35. The War Room

Bill Clinton’s campaign
36. Journeys with George
Alexandra Pelosi
Behind the scenes of George Bush’s first presidential campaign by a daughter of a famous Democrat!
37. Donkey Kong: Fistful of Quarters

Video game world record ethics
38. The Gleaners and I
Agnes Varva
French film on people who dig in trash for food, etc.
39. The Smartest Guys in the Room

Enron Scandal
40. The Lords of Dogtown

The birth of the skateboard subculture in LA
41. The Corporation

Inside big corporations
42. Outfoxed

Expose’ on Fox News
43. Into the Fire

High school v. Pro basketball
44. If You Love this Planet
NFB Canada
Anti-war (1970s)
45. Etre et Avoir

Story of a French grade school teacher
46. Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives
Terry Jones
Different roles in Middle Ages
47. Road to Nirvana

The Largest Religious Ceremony in the World- the Kula Omela (?)
48. Capturing the Friedmans

An attempt to be objective as to whether Mr. Friedman was a molestor or not. Powerful.
49. Tough Guise

Advertising and masculinity
50. Central High 50 Years Later

51. Blue Vinyl

52. Radio Bikini

53. His TV
Errol Morris

54. American Movie

55. Flock of Dodos

Intelligent Design v. Evolution
56. Living History on Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients

57. Ethnic Notions

Race issues
58. Shake Hands with the Devil

Rwandan genocide
59. Our Brand is Crisis

60. Titicut Follies
Frederick Wiseman

61. High School I & II
Frederick Wiseman

62. The Red Elvis

63. Exit Through the Gift Shop